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Argentina Customer Visit Us for Sunflower Seeds Processing Plant

Release Date: Mar-19, 2018
This is our Agentina customer visit us for sunflower seeds processing plant. We can provide suitable solution according customer detail demands,even factory design. We are here for customers.Sunflower seeds process business is great business. If  you need help or any problem you can contact us freely.Email gz@gelgoog.com.cn.

It contains many national patents and is designed to remove various impurities (including large impurities and small impurities, compared to raw materials, heavy impurities, light impurities, and empty seeds) in sunflower seeds.

The sunflower shell machine features:
1. Lower power consumption.
2. Compact structure and small footprint.
3. Low damage to seeds and grains.
4. Shellless Seeds Eat Automatically
5. This is one of the most suitable sunflower shells and separation equipment in the world.

This is our Argentina customer with our professional salesman.
agentian sunflower seeds processing plant
This is our sunflower seeds process plant pic:
agentina customer for sunflower seeds processing plant
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