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The sunflower seeds hulling equipment is easy to install and does not need the foundation quickly.
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Commercial Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine|Sunflower Seeds Processing Plant Working process: of  Sunflower Seed Sheling Machine
Raw material----feeding to the tank---- decontaminate( clearing the rock, soil block and other impurities our)----Sorting( classify the pumpkin seed to 6-7grades)----mixing----shell pumpkin seeds according to grade---- drying the final product----finished product storage---- packing---selling

Whole set of sunflwoer hulling processing plant  composition and flow:
Feeding funnel--- Bucket hoisting machine---shelling----hulling machine by wind---seed sorting----Electrical Cabinets.

The sunflower seeds shelling machine can removes can remove a variety of impurities, such as large impurities, small miscellaneous, light miscellaneous, shoulder stray and other impurities (such as stone, glass, shrivelled, hair, etc.)
The wind return system makes the raw material return to the sheller
The ideal separation effect is achieved by adjusting the angle of the sieves.
The sunflower seeds sheller machine adopts all steel core, and the blade adopts 99% high aluminum porcelain, which enhances the effect and service life of the shulling.
The use of the helix discharger is convenient for the collection of sunflower skin, which reduces the production of dust.
The application of fish scale screen can easily realize the separation of seed kernel; the sieve plate is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, and it is strong and durable.
The whole set of sunflower seeds hulling equipment by the centralized control cabinet, simple operation, hulling machine adopts frequency design can adjust frequency according to the condition of material sheller. We also have pumpkin seeds shelling machine for your choice.

This is a easy way to shell sunflower seeds. Great helper for sunflower seeds process business.The vibration source of the whole equipment is used in the form of vibration motor. The sunflower seeds processing plant is easy to install and does not need the foundation quickly. If you want to know pump sunflower seed shelling machine price, Contact us freely. Leave message on our website or email
sunflower seeds shelling machine with low price
Technical Data
Equipment power 14.59 kilowatts (380 volts)
Raw material handling capacity  0.5-0.8 tons / hour (varies by material)
The whole kernel rate ≥ 90% (the whole kernel of the following half of the broken kernel)
At the end of the machine, the grain content of the hair ≤2-5%
The whole equipment covers an area 4.4 meters × 2.8 meters
Installation height 4.1 meters
Equipment weight 5 tons
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