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Sunflower Seeds Processing Plant Manufacturer

Release Date: Mar-14, 2018
We are sunflower seeds processing plant manufacturer in china, provide all the customer professional machine and with favorable price, such as sunflower seeds cleaning machine,roasting machine,shelling machine,flavoring machine, packing machine and others. If you have any problem you can contact me freely.

sunflower seeds processing plant manufacturer in china

The sunflower seeds shelling machine can achieve a variety of functions, such as cleaning, shelling, shelling, separation, and separation. Shellless seeds will be automatically returned to the huller, which greatly increases the degree of automation.
The device has a compact structure, a small footprint, a small loss of seed and grain, automatic feeding of shellless seeds, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
It is recognized as one of the best equipments for sunflower seeds. The bread kernels and sweeteners produced for the world's core industries and the oil industry are all ideal equipment.
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