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Automatic Potato Chips Processing Plant with High Quality

Release Date: Mar-16, 2018
The professional automatic potato chips processing plant is produced for delicious potato chips. The potato chips processing  plant  produced by this machine is good quality and less fat. Automatic potato chip production line is based on absorbing the essence of similar equipment and combining the advantages of similar factories. In addition, the entire potato machinery technology is largely the feedback of previous customers.

Introduction of high efficiency potato  chips processing machine:
1.Potato washing peeling machine:set washing, peeling function in one, can be processed potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root vegetables.
2.Potato slicer:used to cut potatoes into slices, bars or cubes, but also for other root vegetables such as carrots, cassava and so on.
3. Potato blanching machine:A slice, bar or cube used to blanch a potato or any root dish. The main purpose of the blanching is to ensure the crispness of potato chips or french fries.
4.Potato dehydrator: Dewatering by centrifugation. This step is prepared for the fried portion, which shortens the frying time and completes the taste of potato chips, potato chips or French fries.
5.Potato crisp frying Machine: Oil-water mixing technology is used to make the sediment easy to clean. In addition, through the use of oil-water mixing technology, the use of oil is extended and the cost is greatly reduced.
6.Potato chip degreasing machine: It is widely used to squeeze excess oil from fried foods to ensure that potato chips, potato chips or French fries are better and healthier.
7.Potato chips seasoning machine:for seasoning fried potato chipor French fries. Which taste is entirely up to you.
8.Chips packaging machine: Improve packaging efficiency and save a lot of time. Due to the fragility of fried chips, nitrogen must keep the food fresh, tasty and harmless.
automatic potato chips processing plant
Advantages of automatic potato chip factory:
The entire process is based on accepted technologies from around the world, adding changes based on local conditions.
This automatic potato chip production line has less investment and high profits.
Potato chips are energy-efficient, small and easy to maintain.
Professionals conduct full instruction and installation, and provide free training for operators.
Exclusively developed Crispy Potato Chip formula will be provided to customers for free.
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