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New Processing Technology Of Leafy Vegetable Clean Production Line

Release Date: Oct-06, 2022
Compared with the traditional way of buying vegetables, clean vegetables brings people not only healthy food but also a new way to enjoy life. From picking to transportation, the clean vegetables are transported to the kitchen or delivered through the cold chain, and can be directly thrown into the pot for cooking. Under the protection of a series of links such as processing, distribution, freezing, and preservation of cold chain logistics, the safety factor of these foods is also very high. Today, we will explain in detail the processing technology of the new leafy vegetable cleaning production line.
leaf vegetable washing line factory
1. Introduction Of The New Leafy Vegetable Cleaning Production Line
Our company's newly designed leafy vegetable cleaning production line is designed and produced according to the "clean vegetable" hygiene standard. The loss of materials and the preservation of the "first" taste of the ingredients are suitable for various factories, school canteens, central kitchens, and assured breakfast projects.
2. The New Processing Technology Of Leafy Vegetable Clean Production Line
1. Eddy current cleaning machine, wide processing range, gentle cleaning
The eddy current cleaning machine adopts swirl type + bubble double cleaning, cyclic flip massage cleaning + 16 high-pressure adjustable bubble vibration cleaning, and thoroughly removes sand, dust, small stones and other light or small heavy weights in the material. impurities.
The chopped vegetables and chopped vegetables can be cleaned by the eddy current washing machine. The machine's ozone disinfection system can kill bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, and destroy botulinum toxin. It can kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus attached to fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods, and can also remove the toxicity of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and the toxicity of detergent residues. The equipment can automatically replenish water, so that the entire cleaning process does not require manual operation. Using the natural mechanics principle of water tossing and scouring, the vegetables are not damaged during the entire washing process, so as to achieve the standardization of vegetable cleaning.
2. Centrifugal Dryer To Improve The Drying Effect
The centrifugal dryer adopts frequency conversion technology and photoelectric sensing technology to realize the control of dehydration time, dehydration speed, and start and stop. It is easy to operate and has low vibration and noise. The control system is composed of high-end frequency conversion speed regulators and photoelectric sensors. The opening structure design of the upper cover adopts the oil-gas mixed shock-absorbing spring, the visual window design, which is easy to use, adopts the frequency conversion adjustment method and the dehydration timing function, and is equipped with an emergency stop switch device; the driving motor adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor, which runs The transmission is stable and the speed adjustment is convenient.
Leafy vegetable clean processing production line is a complete set of clean vegetable processing solutions newly designed by our company after years of practice, introducing advanced design concepts of domestic and foreign clean vegetable processing, and combining several successful clean vegetable processing examples. According to the customer's production scale and process requirements, we can provide full-process services such as workshop equipment layout, customization, installation and commissioning.
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