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Full Peanut Butter Production Process Show

Release Date: Sep-24, 2022
Peanut butter is made from high-quality peanuts and has a strong aroma of roasted peanuts. High-quality peanut butter is light beige in color, rich in aroma and delicate in quality. Peanut butter is mainly divided into two categories: sweet and salty. Peanut butter is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and is a well-deserved healthy food. What Is the Production Process of Peanut Butter? Today, we walked into our company's research and development factory to understand the process and main processing flow of peanut butter.
peanut butter production process flow chart

1. Processing Technology of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter processing technology: stone removal - roasting - cooling - peeling - selection - coarse grinding - fine grinding - deployment - cooling - degassing - filling.

2.The Main Processing Flow of Peanut Butter

1. Peanuts are removed from stones and impurities

Select peanuts with plump granules, milky white nuts and normal smell, and remove impurities, moldy and moth-eaten granules.

2. Roasting

The peanuts are roasted by drum roasting equipment or continuous roasting equipment, the roasting temperature is 180℃-200℃, and the roasting time is 50-60 minutes. The peanut kernels are uniform in color and no scorching through the equipment roasting.

3. Cool and Peel

It is convenient to use a half-peeling machine to peel off the peanut skins by cooling, and the peanut kernels are divided into half.

4. Coarse Grinding, Fine Grinding

Coarse grinding is carried out first, and the added accessories are melted by heating up in the coarse grinding, and then the colloid mill is used for fine grinding, and finally the peanut butter is fine and smooth.

5. Cooling

The main purpose of cooling is to separate out the liquid oil in the peanut butter.

6. Degassing

Degassing peanut butter is to prevent air bubbles in the sauce and improve the stability of the peanut butter.

7. Filling

Sterilize the packaging bottle for 20 minutes, measure accurately, and fill at 10℃-20℃.
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