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The vegetable cleaning production line refers to the products that keep fresh vegetables in a fresh state after a series of treatments such as grading, sorting, selection, cleaning, cutting, preservation and packaging. Consumers can directly cook and eat without further processing after purchase. Because of its characteristics of freshness, convenience, nutrition and pollution-free.

The production process of this fruit and vegetable processing line:

Raw Materials → Cutting → Selection Table (Root Removal) → Vegetable Cutter (Shredded) → Elevator → Vegetable Washing Machine → Air Drying → Packaging

The vegetable processing line is mainly used for cutting, washing and air drying of leafy vegetables. The whole fruit vegetable production line has reasonable design, more user-friendly use, high degree of automation, good cleaning effect, and no damage to materials. It is an ideal processing equipment for cleaning vegetables and central kitchens. The whole fruit and vegetable washing production line can be customized according to your needs, leave a message on the website to get the cleaning line quotation.

Value Advantages
Automatic line
Automatic clean vegetable processing line can work automatically and continuously, which is labor saving.
Customized solution
According to the specific needs of customers, GELGOOG can provide various fruit & vegetable processing solutions suitable for customers' factories.
Professional team
The GELGOOG technical team has more than 50 engineers from different fields, providing end-to-end solutions from customer project site selection to production and delivery.
Mature solution
A more mature clean vegetable processing solution that turns it into a reliable equipment that will help customers achieve industrial upgrading and obtain greater profits.
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