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Gelgoog Joins Hands With British Ef To Improve The Quality Of Nut Processing

Release Date: Oct-25, 2022
In September 2022, the 1ton/h nut roasting and seasoning production line jointly built by Gelgoog and British EF Company was officially put into production after the successful test machine in Shrewsbury, promoting the innovative development of large-scale nut roasting and seasoning processing technology.
Founded in 2006, EF is mainly engaged in retail packaging of dried fruit and nuts in the UK, providing a variety of dried fruit and nut products to many major retailers in the UK. With the expansion of the business, EF has built a new ready-to-eat nut factory, specializing in deep-processing business such as nut roasting and seasoning.
 nut roasting machine for UK
The UK's almond, peanut, and macadamia ready-to-eat nuts market is growing rapidly, with more and more consumers looking for high-quality, tasty and nutritious products to use as a daily nutritional supplement. To meet the strict quality standards of the United Kingdom, it is necessary to use raw materials with excellent functions. Gelgoog nut roasting and processing solutions continue to improve new technologies to achieve the improvement of efficiency and quality. The nutritional value, product quality and aroma of nuts, develop more added value for nut innovation.
During the entire project cooperation process, multiple business departments operated by Gelgoog formed a special solution team, which provided professional and timely pre-sales service for the technical team of EF, and provided a high-quality and reliable whole-process service experience.
The key to producing high-quality ready-to-eat nuts without losing nutrients is the precise control of constant-temperature roasting and seasoning processes. The main process of the 1ton/h nut roasting and seasoning solution tailored by Gelgoog for British EF Company includes de-stone, roasting, cooling, seasoning, packaging and other processes, mainly composed of continuous roasting machine, continuous drum seasoning machine It is composed of automatic equipment for baking and seasoning processing of nuts and nuts, suitable for baking and seasoning processing of almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts and other materials.
When customers buy ready-to-eat nuts in British supermarkets and enjoy safe and delicious food, there may be the efforts and perseverance of Gelgoog and his customers.
"This partnership with Gelgoog, we hope, will strengthen our position in the field of ready-to-eat nut processing, broaden the scope of our technology applications, and take this opportunity to provide more high-quality products to more customers."
——CEO of British EF Company
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