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Automatic Almond Cracker Shelling Machine Video

Release Date: Mar-12, 2018
This is our almond shelling machine test working video.Our the Almond shelling machine has strong applicability. In addition to almonds, shellers and separators are also suitable for other types of hard-shelled nuts such as apricot kernels, peach kernels, hazelnuts (hazelnuts), macadamia nuts, palm nuts, nut nuts, wild jujube, Prunus humilis, and others.This almond shelling machine is suitable for small growers and processing equipment.We also provide 800-1000kg / hour large almond shelling separator.

How Almond Shelling Machine Work :
After feeding the cracked almonds for the hopper of the ethylene cracker, the two rollers will harden the shell of cracked almonds. With the shaking, the cracked almonds will remove the sieve and the shelled almonds will be sieved from above.The mixture is then placed on a sloping table. The table vibrates and the fan blows the air upwards through the granules. Due to the difference in specific gravity, the lighter shell rises from the deck surface and tilts the deck downwards, while the heavier core contacts the deck surface upwards.

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