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How To Maintain The Peanut Roaster?

Release Date: May-10, 2022
The peanut roasting machine developed and produced by our company is a peanut machinery and equipment widely used in the deep processing of peanuts. The quality of the peanut roasting machine is important, but it is also indispensable for the daily maintenance of the equipment. The maintenance of the peanut roasting machine must follow certain systems and processes, so that the peanut roasting machine can be fully effective.

1. Maintenance System Of Peanut Roasting Machine

1. According to the actual situation of the company, formulate the corresponding repair and maintenance system, clarify the maintenance responsibilities, and ensure the normal operation of the peanut roasting machine.
2. Set up a roasting machine repair and maintenance organization, or provide special maintenance personnel, pay attention to pre-job technical training, and take up the job only after passing the training and assessment. In addition, prepare enough necessary spare parts.
3. While formulating the annual production and operation plan, formulate the annual maintenance and maintenance plan of the roasting machine, and refine it to every quarter, month, and week, and implement it in terms of time, capital, and manpower.
4. Record each repair and maintenance situation in detail, analyze the cause of the failure according to experience, and form the experience of troubleshooting.
pranut roasting machine maintenance

2:Maintenance Process Of Peanut Roasting Machine

1. The operator should be familiar with and master the performance, structure, processing range and maintenance technology of the peanut roasting machine.

2. Periodically inspect the equipment. Clean the exterior and cover of the roasting machine, remove oil stains, dust deposits, etc., and keep the overall cleaning and hygiene of the roasting machine; disassemble the roasting machine partially, check and renovate the structure of the parts; remove the foreign objects in the gaps of the transmission parts and bearings, and find the parts The damaged should be replaced in time; check and adjust the mesh belt, remove the curling on both sides of the mesh belt and the debris and oil that stick to the mesh belt; check whether the performance of the heater or gas burner is in good condition, and whether the power supply or gas supply route is unobstructed ; Check and clean all lubricating points, maintain normal lubrication, and eliminate oil leakage; tighten the screws and nuts of each part to make them firm and reliable.

3. Every 6-12 months, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roasting machine, and partially replace and repair some worn parts. Check all transmission mechanisms, clean and change oil, repair and replace worn parts, check and repair all heater devices and automatic control systems, and install them firmly to ensure safe and reliable production. Check and clean the mesh belt, there should be no cracks and curling edges, and the joints should be smooth and clean. If damage is found, part or all of the mesh belt should be replaced, and the mesh belt should be oiled after cleaning. Clean the exterior of the toaster and its surroundings.

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