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Spring Roll Line For South African CP Company

Release Date: Apr-25, 2022
In April 2022, in the production workshop of CP Company in South Africa, pieces of spring roll skins were automatically arranged after the links such as hanging, sizing, and peeling, marking the smooth start of production of the spring roll skin production line customized from Gelgoog.
CP company is committed to satisfying customers with innovative experience.
automatic spring roll processing line south africa

CP Company is located in South Africa and mainly produces and sells a variety of high-quality frozen pastries. The products are characterized by high standards, high cost performance and convenience. Wide range of products including puff pastry, chia cakes, samosas, pasta and more. CP Company prides itself on quality service that inspires confidence and enthusiasm, and strives to build long-term relationships with its customers. In order to better meet customer needs, CP Company urgently needs to develop more varieties of frozen spring roll production.
"We insist on regularly soliciting customer opinions and improving products, providing customers with innovative products and value-added experiences."
——General Manager of CP Company of South Africa
Gelgoog's intimate service gave CP company a "reassuring pill"
For CP company, the automatic processing of spring roll skins is a new investment field, and they do not understand the consumer market and production demand. The customized production line is required to match the previously produced spring roll products, and the delivery time is particularly concerned. With years of trade experience with South Africa and combined with the local market, Gelgoog quickly put forward an analysis report on the processing industry of spring roll skins, which immediately got the special attention of CP company.
Gelgoog's professional customer service team has formulated exclusive solutions according to the agreed production requirements, and has noted the specific parameters of each process in detail. The video shows the factory's R&D production and successful customer cases, which further strengthens the customer's confidence in cooperation.
"Gelgoog provided us with a lot of extra services, and the most valuable thing is that all the services are professional and meticulous."
——General Manager of CP Company of South Africa
CP company fully affirmed the equipment and full-process service of the spring roll skin production line of Gelgoog. Even customers who are newly involved in the field of food processing can quickly open up their business with the assistance of Gelgoog. This is the inexhaustible driving force for Gelgoog's sustainable development, and it is also the basis for customer satisfaction.

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