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Australian Dishwashing Powder Packaging Upgraded

Release Date: May-31, 2022
 KKN Australia is a family-owned business in the Noosa hinterland with a passion for making local, all-natural cleaning products that really work. The person in charge is a formulator with a Ph.D., a skill level unique in the field of ecological products. Adhering to the sustainable development strategy of "local production and local sales", adhering to the environmental protection concept of "concentration and saving". The processed products are made of eucalyptus, citrus, lemon, lavender, etc., without any toxic or skin-sensitizing ingredients, suitable for gardens and places where children can touch.

Consensus On The Concept Of Sustainable Development

The same ideas will be compatible with each other and achieve each other. The sustainable development concept that Gelgoog adheres to has received great attention from KKN. Previously, KKN's production scale was average, and the cleaning products produced, packaged and sold were completed by family members. With the continuous improvement of product reputation and the continuous improvement of corporate philosophy, KKN urgently needs to seek energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient packaging equipment to replace labor.
Australian Dishwashing Powder Packaging Upgraded

Equipment Convinces People, Service Impresses People

Although KKN's requirements for the solution of dishwashing powder bagging and packaging are only "accurate weighing, automatic bagging and packaging", but behind it is a lot of efforts made by Gelgoog account managers, product engineers, and solution engineers. . On the one hand, Gelgoog analyzes according to KKN's product characteristics and packaging requirements to determine the most suitable weighing and bag feeding methods; on the other hand, according to the customer's ideas, according to KKN's production site, he designed a bag feeding and packaging production line to solve the problem. Plan diagram of the program.
"The plan that Gelgoog designed for me was fantastic and realized my idea. Although a supplier I had asked before gave a lower price, I firmly chose Gelgoog. Because the responsible And the professional moved me."
——Head of KKN Company in Australia

No Size Of Project, No Limit To Service

Gelgoog's core work is to solve the individual needs of customers, never based on the size of the project. Diversified and multi-level processing requirements have enabled Gelgoog to accumulate a lot of rich experience in R&D and solution. Gelgoog has the confidence to use the concept of sustainable development to drive more customers to the upgrade path of automation, digitization and intelligence.
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