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How to Produce Plantain Chips

Release Date: Apr-02, 2018
Plantain chips is very popularity over the world. How to process plantian chips ? Do you know how ?At first, let us see the plant chips propduction line working video:

In recent years, snack foods have become the new darling of many people. Among them, potato chips occupy the top spot of snack foods with its crispy and delicious properties. Not only at home, international plantain chips enjoy far more popularity than others. food.

The plantain chips production line has gradually become one of the investment production projects favored by large, medium and small customers at home and abroad. After cleaning the peeled fresh potatoes, the picking line is passed into the slicer, and the slices are uniformly sliced and the starch on the surface of the potato slices is removed through the blanching line while keeping the color of the plantain  slices. After blanching, the water on the surface of the potato chips can be effectively removed through the vibrator and the air-drying line, and then enter the frying line. The potato chips are deep-fried and then shaken, cooled by air and drained into the seasoning machine. According to the requirements can bring out a variety of flavors of potato chips. The last is a nitrogen flush packaging machine, and the packaged potato chips can be sold directly.
Regarding fresh plantain production line, please be sure contact supplier supplier more information.
Process flow:cutting-frying-seasoning -packing(if you need).
how to process plantain chips
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