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Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine High Quality

Release Date: Apr-09, 2018
Automatic cellophane wrapping machine is very flexible, widely used in cosmetics, food and confectionery industry. Able to process thin films, we provide high efficiency, and it is very simple for operators to change the size / format.

The product is delivered to the machine through a conveyor with a minimum pressure scanner. In the product lifts stage, the patented CAM film conveyance system, the counterpart elevator and the inclined film cutting knife ensure the consistent high quality compact packaging. There are two versions to choose from. The machine is equipped with a constant drive heating seal belt and a grading seal plate, which is used for point seal of the end seal.

We are equipped with digital adjustment of film cutting length and registration of packaging material location (option) when machine is running.Simple and lightweight replacement parts (including quick release side clips) mean that operators can finish size replacement in a few minutes. Options include: CFR fast size change device for changing the servo size of the host function; printing registration; tearing off the tape application and writing the print information on the package.The glass paper packaging machine has been tailored to specific industries / products, including vacuum packed coffee, CD, music and videotape, and the strip of candy products.

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