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This banana chips production line is used to process green banana to be banana chips with good shape,high working efficiency, easy to operate.
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Automatic Banana|Plantain Chips Production Line For Sale This plantain chips production line is used to process green banana to be banana chips. This banana chips production line is with high working efficiency, easy to operate.General, 3 kilogram of fresh  banana can get 1kg of finished banana chips.

How to make plaintain chips for sale?
Main machines of the automatic plantain chips production line for sale:
Banana Chips Cutting Machine
This banana chips cutting machine is mainly used to cut banana to be slice. It is made of Stainless Steel. The cutting slice are uniform.

Electric plantain chips Frying Machine
For this kind of Banana Chips Frying Machine, it is with electric heating type. It also can be made to be gas heating according to clients’ requirement. . It will need to add the burner and the gas pipe in side of machine. It is with automatic feeding and automatic discharge system.

De-Oiling Machine
It is with automatic feeding and automatic discharge system. The material will discharged from the bottom of this machine.

Plantian chips Seasoning Machine
It is with slant structure, thus the banana chips will coming out from the other side.The plantain chips machine for sale also with one motor to control the amount of the seasoning.
plantain banana chips production line manufatcuring China

Fried banana chips production line for sale manufacture:
We Gelgoog are producing and supplying a wide range of automatic potato and banana chip production lines.
Due to its excellent performance, excellent performance, durability and low maintenance performance, our products are well received by our existing customers.
All products are made of high quality raw materials and advanced technology and manufactured according to quality standards.
In addition, we offer a medium priced automatic potato and plantain chips production machine.

We provide plantain chips production line turnkey project implementation and complete technical support, process knowledge and training.
Standard capacity (kg/hr) : -100,200,300,500,750.
The capacity depends on the product, slice thickness, frying parameters, etc.
We can provide you with all suitable solutions according to customers' specific requirements.
The plantain chips machine suitable for low cost and continuous production of banana/potato/cassava/cassava chips. The plantian chips making machine can also be used to make many other floating snacks with high moisture content in the ingredients.

If you need plant chips production process, we can porovide you suitable solution accoriding your detail requirement such capacity, factory size, heating way, packing size and others. All solution is customer- made for you. Any problem contact us. 24 hours online. Email: Phone/whatsapp:+8618539931566

Technical Data
Item Parameters
Banana Chips Cutting Machine 0.75kw  380V-3/220V-3   100kg,
 Rinsing Machine 5kw/380v/50Hz,
Blanching Machine 70kw/380v/50Hz,
Vibrating De-oiling Machine 1.5kw/380v/50Hz
Air De-watering Machine 15kw/380v/50Hz
Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50hz
Electric Heating Fryer Machine 203kw/380v/50Hz
Vibrating De-oiling Machine 1.5kw/380v/50Hz
Air Drying Machine 8kw/380v/50Hz
Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50Hz
Seasoning Machine 1.5kw/380v/50hz
Automatic Packing Machine 4kw/380v/50hz
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