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How to Choose Best Commercial French Fries Deep Fryer?

Release Date: Mar-28, 2018

The first step to fry french fries successfully is to find a suitable fryer.Then how to choose a suitable french fries deep fryer machine ? Our the french fries deep fryer machine not only helps produce higher-quality and more healthful foods, but also extends oil life. To find the perfect fryer for your operation, evaluate your menu to determine which fryer is best suited for your needs. The right fryer is the one that is designed to cook the foods you offer on your menu.

Therefore, we recommend that you have a dedicated potato fryer to ensure efficiency, consistency of recovery time and minimize the oder of other foods. Especially for fries producers. A good commercial french fries deep fryer not only improves the quality of the fries, but also can reduce the cost of the manufacturer.

How to choose best commercial french fries deep fryer?
1.The amount of food you plan to provide determines how large and powerful your fryers need to be.Anything that overlaps in the oil can cause uneven frying.
2.The capacity of the fryer not only determines how much food can be put in the basket, but also affects the recovery time or how quickly the oil returns to the proper cooking temperature when the food is submerged."If a restaurant is from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, a smaller fryer may not recover quickly," said Jan Spence, a partner at Florida-based Spencer, a business consulting firm based in Jacksonville. Finally, it will be cooked at a lower temperature.". "Food eventually absorbs more oil and becomes greasy."
3.Gas fryers generally heat up more quickly and at higher cooking temperatures than electric fryers, but electric models have a faster recovery time between frying cycles.
4.Restaurants can prolong the life of oil by turning down the fryer temperature during slow periods.Therefore, choosing a fries fryer must be concerned about whether the frying time and temperature can be adjusted, and adjust the temperature range. A commercial french fries deep frying machine that controls the oil temperature not only reduces the use of oil, but also makes the fries more delicious.
5.Treating your staff, frying equipment and fry shortening as an investment in customer satisfaction and retention is the most important step in delivering distinctive fried foods that stand apart from your competition.

If you need a fries fryer, it's also important to choose the right fry maker. A responsible and professional fryer manufacturer can provide you with products that suit your needs.Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in food machinery manufacturing for many years. We have professional machinery manufacturing team. If you need a french fries deep fryer, you can contact with us. We have different specifications for you to choose.
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