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Factors Affecting the Quality of Roasted Peanuts

Release Date: Jul-19, 2022
Peanut is one of the top five oil crops in the world. The mechanical equipment widely used in general peanut food processing is peanut roasting equipment. Today, we will discuss the three major factors that affect the quality of peanut roasting machine.

1. The Temperature Of Peanut Roasting

Temperature is the main factor that affects baking speed. When the temperature increases, the water pressure in the peanut increases, which is conducive to promoting the flow and diffusion of the water in the peanut; the wet-dissolving ability of the medium increases, and the evaporation rate of the water on the surface of the peanut is accelerated. The best roasting temperature for peanuts is about 200 degrees, but it is necessary to prevent the discoloration and coking of peanuts caused by high temperature.
 Factors affecting the quality of roasted peanuts in peanut roasting equipment

2. Relative Humidity

Relative humidity is an important factor affecting baking speed. When the temperature and airflow speed are the same, the higher the relative humidity, the greater the partial pressure of water vapor in the medium, the less likely the moisture on the peanut surface to evaporate into the medium, and the slower the baking speed; when the relative humidity is low, the surface moisture evaporates faster , the baking speed is fast. However, it should also be noted that the lower the relative humidity, the better. Too low humidity will cause cracking and baking defects such as honeycombs.

3. Air Circulation Speed

Air circulation speed is another factor that affects the roasting speed of peanuts. The high-speed airflow can destroy the saturated steam boundary layer on the peanut surface, thereby improving the heat and mass transfer conditions between the medium and the peanut, and speeding up the roasting speed.
To sum up, setting the appropriate temperature, ensuring the relative humidity of the peanuts, and controlling the air circulation speed, the peanut roasting equipment can bake satisfactory peanuts.
The peanut roasting machine temperature controller developed by our company can realize automatic temperature control. Once the temperature reaches the set temperature, the alarm device will start to remind continuously. Heating device and thermal circulation device make uniform circulating hot air in the equipment. The hot air penetrates the peanuts upward from the lower part of the mesh belt and then passes through the heating element to supplement heat energy. The roasted peanuts have uniform color and good shape, which lays a good foundation for the next process.
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