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Automatic Nut Roasting Machine With Cooling Funtcion

Introduction of Nut Roasting Machine With Cooling Funtcion:

The equipment has baking and cooling functions and is suitable for batch continuous production. Mainly used for drying peanuts, almonds, broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds, nuts, nuts, wheat, barley, oats, soybeans and other granular materials.
automatic nutroasting and colling machine

Features of Roasting and Cooling Integrated Equipment

1: Wide range of applications: one roasting equipment can roast different nut materials.
2. The quality of the roasted nuts is high: the hot air circulation system uses multiple circulating fans, and the hot air is evenly distributed in the furnace. The chain plate type conveying structure makes the material advance smoothly, so that the baked material has a uniform color and no damage.
3. Maintain constant temperature for baking, and the quality of the finished product is uniform: the baking all-in-one equipment adopts intelligent and precise temperature control with temperature controller and temperature sensor, which effectively ensures that the temperature is always kept in a stable range, thus ensuring that the roasted nuts have a uniform and consistent flavor .
4. The roasted nuts have a fast cooling speed: the cooling section has a high-power fan, and the air duct not only has an air path that penetrates the material up and down, but also has an air path that flows through the surface of the material to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. Rapid cooling increases the efficiency of the baking process.
5. Reasonable design of baking structure: The frame of the equipment adopts a frame structure, and high-strength channel steel is used to form the main beam, and the frame is firm and reliable. The proprietary designed dehydration steam function makes the nuts even more crispy. The insulation system of the baking equipment adopts high-quality insulation cotton, and the thickness of the insulation layer is thick. When the furnace temperature is above 200 degrees, the external sheet metal is still cold. Provide a safe working environment for workers in nut roasting factories.
6. The speed adjustment of the baking equipment is simple: the speed of the chain can be adjusted by the frequency converter, and the transmission is stable. Each section has an independent temperature automatic control system, and the current temperature and set temperature can be checked through the thermostat. During the continuous roasting of nuts, the thickness of the nut spread, the heating temperature and the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted flexibly according to the process requirements. Simple and convenient.
Technical Data
ModelG G-LHG8.5AG GG-LHG11.5A
Length(m) 8.5 11.5
Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000
Power(kw) 4.4 5.5
Gas consumption(kg/h) 10-12 20-25
Dimension(mm) 8500*2250*2600 11500*2250*2600

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