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Which Machines Are Need For Start Peanut Butter Company 2022

Release Date: Jul-26, 2022

Opening Peanut Butter Company Generally Requires:

  1. Peanut Roaster
  2. Peanut peeling machine
  3. peanut grinder
  4. Peanut Butter Homogenizer
  5. Peanut Butter Degassing Equipment
  6. Peanut Butter Filling Equipment
Next, I will introduce the equipment required for starting the peanut butter company in detail for the customer.
peanut butter processing factory company

1. Process Flow of Peanut Butter Processing Company

If the peanuts have various impurities, the processing process of peanut butter is: peanuts - lifting - cleaning - stone removal - color selection - roasting and cooling - peeling - grinding sauce - cooling - refinement - - Degassing - Packaging.
If the peanuts are clean, the processing flow of peanut butter is: peanuts - roasting and cooling - peeling - grinding - cooling - refining - degassing - packaging.

2. Main Equipment Required for Peanut Butter Factory

1. Peanut Lifting Equipment

Scraper elevators can be used for heights below 3 meters, and bucket elevators are used above 3 meters. The hoist is mainly to save the manual movement to the entrance of the baking equipment. Save labor.

2. Peanut Roasting and Cooling Machine

It integrates roasting and cooling, which can meet the roasting process of most nuts. While satisfying the roasting requirements, the equipment is equipped with a special cooling area, which can reduce the roasted peanuts to a safe temperature of about 60°C when they are discharged.
peanut roasting and cooling machine price

3. Peanut Half Peeler

The peanut kernels and red coats are quickly separated, and the separated peanuts continue to the next stage of the peanut butter grinding production process, and the peanut red coats are collected into the waste bin for processing.

4. Peanut Butter Colloid Mill

The peeled peanut kernels are ground into a fine slurry by a colloid mill. As a professional supplier of peanut butter production solutions, we can provide customers with different finished peanut butter solutions, crunchy peanut butter and smooth peanut butter.

5. Double Sauce Cooler

The ground peanut butter is cooled to about 40°C.
peanut butter cooler

6. Homogenizer

The prepared liquid is homogenized in a homogenizer with a pressure of 40 MPa, so that the particles in the slurry are more delicate, which is beneficial to the stability of the quality and flavor of the finished product.

7. Degassing Ttank

In order to maintain the nutritional content and flavor of the product, low temperature vacuum concentration is adopted, and the concentration conditions are 60-70 ° C, 0.08-0.09 MPa, and the soluble solid content in the concentrated slurry is preferably 62%-65%. When the concentration meets the above requirements, turn off the vacuum pump, release the vacuum, quickly heat the sauce body to 95 ° C, maintain it for 50 seconds for sterilization, and immediately enter the filling process after completion.

8. Peanut Butter Filling Machine

Sterilize the four-spin glass bottle and the bottle cap with steam or boiling water in advance, keep the temperature of the peanut butter body above 85 ℃, and leave a little gap, and seal it with a vacuum sealing machine. After sealing, the cans are placed in normal pressure boiling water for 10 minutes for sterilization. After completion, the water is cooled to about 37°C step by step, and the water outside the cans is wiped to obtain the peanut butter filled into bottles.
peanut butter filling machine  supplier cost
Through the introduction and absorption of domestic and foreign excellent technology, after a long period of in-depth research and continuous improvement, our company focuses on research and development and production of peanut butter processing equipment that realizes low-cost and high-quality production processes. Taking excellent production equipment, improving quality requirements and providing customers with satisfactory services as the fundamental starting point, it helps customers to succeed in business, so it is well received.
Tossed with noodles, spreads slices of bread, dipped chips, and peanut butter always surprises us. As soon as the peanut butter is opened, you can smell a strong aroma of peanuts. You can see the appearance of the oil layer floating up. Although it is a bit ugly, it does not affect the taste at all. The aroma of peanuts in your mouth will bring you a particularly healthy feeling. . The fine peanut butter is added with peanut particles, and you can eat two spoonfuls with a spoon.

If you want to start a peanut butter manufacturing business, common steps are:

1. Understand the manufacturing process.
2. Familiar with the machinery required for manufacturing.
3. Procurement of raw materials and packaging materials.
4. Set up production units.
5. Market your product.
If you want to invest in a peanut butter production line, you are welcome to call us at any time to build a broad platform for business development together. Email to gz@gelgoog.com.cn
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