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How about set banana powder production factory?

Release Date: Feb-28, 2020
Beside the banana chisp process, Banana powder process is one of the best and most economical methods of banana deep processing. Bananas will brown and rot at room temperature after picking, which is difficult to preserve for a long time, causing major economic losses every year. Deep processing of bananas is one of the ways to solve the problem.
banana process business small scale
Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits grown in different countries. Most of the bananas produced worldwide are eaten directly, while a small portion of bananas are processed into banana powder, which helps to extend its shelf life. Banana powder is mainly used in the production of milkshakes, protein powders, baby foods, etc. In addition, it can be used in a variety of foods, such as cakes, convenience foods, beverages, seasonings and the like.
Banana powder is a fresh banana, which is then ground into a powder through advanced processing techniques. After a certain proportion of pretreatment, mixing, testing, and packaging, the health food is made. Have lower blood pressure, help digestion and other effects.
It is reported that the market for banana powder is expected to reach 310,000 tons by 2023.
Banana powder market situation:
  • Several health benefits associated with banana powder have spurred global demand. Banana powder strengthens bones, speeds up digestion and nutrient absorption, improves vision, prevents dehydration, regulates blood pressure, treats depression and relaxes muscles.
  • Banana powder has many applications in the food and non-food industries. In addition, it is used in the skin care and cosmetics fields because of its various skin benefits; in the feed industry, animals such as pigs, fish, and shrimp are raised.
  • Other factors that contribute to the demand for banana powder include its longer shelf life, convenience and portability. In addition, the increase in the global population and the expansion of income levels are actively maintaining market growth.
  • However, there are several factors that hinder the growth of the market. Bananas are given extra calories that can gradually lead to unnecessary weight gain. In addition, fluctuations in raw material prices are another major deterrent.
A food processing method has been invented for processing banana pulp into instant banana powder.
How to deal with bananas to get banana powder?
1. Raw material processing: Bananas that need to be fully matured, only bananas that reach the maturity of eating, have a full range of color and flavor, and the degree of browning will also be weakened. After removing the peel from the banana, it is treated with color protection.
2. Color protection: Banana can be immediately sliced ​​and immersed in antioxidant and bleach solution, or immersed in the above solution for 10-15 minutes without being sliced, 0.2% sodium bisulfite or bleach available. Sulphur treatment, burning pure sulfur in a cubic meter volume for 15 minutes, sulfur about 10-15 grams, and its sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%, can achieve the purpose of color protection.
3. Drying: Drying at 60 ° C, the drying time is very long at this temperature, and the loss of aromatic substances is too great. Conditional factory, using low-temperature vacuum freeze-drying equipment, put banana chips on a shallow pan, put into the freezing room, freeze at -28 °C for 1 hour, then in a low-temperature vacuum dryer, in 5-0.1 mm mercury Under the vacuum degree of the column, the drying temperature is 10-40 °C, the moisture of the banana is sublimated, and the drying purpose is achieved in a short time, and the water content of the product is below 3%.
4. Crushing: It is ground into a powder in the environment with dehumidification device, and then sieved and finely ground to obtain a finished product of purple or light yellow banana powder.
5. Packing: Due to the low water content and easy moisture absorption, such products require vacuum or nitrogen-filled sealed packaging, and require low temperature and low humidity conditions during storage or circulation.
6. Edible method: directly add the disinfected water to the beverage when eating, or quantitatively add it to other foods as the raw material of the health food.
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