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Welcome Peru Visit For Spoon Packing Machine

Release Date: Mar-08, 2019
Yesterday, our customer Rafael Villanueva from Peru have visit our company for spoon packing machine. Our sale manager vicky picked Rafael from air port. After get some rest , they came to our company and have a good conversation about the spoon packing machine.
This is our spoon packing machine video:

The small spoon packaging machine can make different shapes and fold flat spoon automatic bag packaging. The machine uses the feeding device (manual placement), spoon collecting device, sealing pressure device, traction transition, making notch device (optional), transmission, film unwinding unit (2 units), cutting means (optional) and electrical control components. The machine has a high degree of automation and packaging production speed, putting spoon, taking the film, packaging, and outputting at one time.
Easy adjustment, beautiful appearance. (Packaging molds customized).
 Peru customer visit for spoon packing machine
After the conversation,the customer is also involved in one of our activities. Break Golden eggs to get gifts. There are different mysterious gifts in the golden egg with the same appearance. From the customer's smile, it can be seen that the customer is very happy. I hope that customers will have fun in this trip to China.

Gelgoog is a very warm family. We have a wealth of activities and cultural content. Relax our body and mind while working hard. For the customer is the ultimate sincerity, see the customer as our friend, help the customer to succeed.

Our machines are exported to foreign countries and have: USA, UK, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, Dominica. , Argentina, Denmark, Sudan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Jordan, Konya, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, etc.
The success of this cooperation means that we have more cooperation opportunities with our customers. We will also always provide quality machines to serve our customers. Help our customers achieve greater success.

If you also need spoon packing machine , contact us freely. Email:gz@gelgoog.com.cn
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