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How To Use And Clean Frying Machine ?

Release Date: Mar-10, 2020
With the existence of a frying machine, people can more conveniently eat delicious fried snacks. Does anyone know how to use a frying machine properly and cleaning frying machine? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone:

How to use frying machine:

1. Clean the oil tank and conveyor belt, remove foreign matter and dirt, and dry the water.
2. Visually inspect the power cord for cracks.
3. Check whether the items are normal: the appearance and function of the switches and indicators, whether the connectors are connected well, and whether the motor is normal.
4. Close the oil drain valve and fill the oil tank with oil to the specified oil level.
5. Turn on the power.
6. Turn on the heating tube.
7. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, turn on the mesh belt motor to start the conveyor. Start the oil pump.
8. Set the frying time and put the food to be fried into the input port.
9. The equipment is equipped with an automatic oil replenishment system, which can replenish the oil consumed during the use of the equipment at any time. 20. After the work is completed, the heating pipe is closed and the circulating oil pump continues to run to cool the oil temperature.
10. Depending on the situation, choose to deliver the oil to an oil tank or store it in a fryer.
automatic frying machine
After using the frying machine for a long time, to avoid the food residue accumulated under the oil from affecting the quality of the oil, we need to clean the frying machine regularly. Here are the steps to clean up the frying machine:

How to properly clean frying machine?

1: Put out the oil first
2: Release the water
3: After placing, clean the bottom with a water gun. It is strictly forbidden to leave residues and impurities on the heating tube. It must be cleaned. Otherwise, the residue will affect the quality of the oil, which will affect the quality of fried food.
4: Then wipe the device with a dry cloth. Dry the surface from moisture.
5: This completes the work of cleaning the fryer. If you need to continue frying the food later, you can add oil and start working again.

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