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Upgrading Vegetable Processing Industry For Philippines

Release Date: Feb-15, 2022
In January 2022, the complete set of fruit and vegetable washing processing production lines developed and produced by Jerguge for the old customers in the Philippines were loaded and shipped, which will soon open a new path for the upgrading of the fruit and vegetable processing industry. This is the second cooperation after the two parties worked together to build a pumpkin butter production line in 2020.
vegetable washing processing industrial
The staple food of Filipino households is rice, and the consumption of fruits and vegetables in daily life is large. Customers are engaged in the fruit and vegetable processing and production industry in their own countries, which is also considered to be adapted to local conditions. The customer currently has 2 factories, both of which are engaged in fruit and vegetable processing. In addition to the production of pumpkin paste, the customer noticed that the local carrots and some leafy vegetables are produced in large quantities, and the market demand is strong, and they intend to expand the business categories.

Due to the good operation effect of the pumpkin jam production line developed by Gelgoog in the early stage, and professional technical consulting services are often provided, the customer contacted Gelgoog as soon as they had the idea of ​​expanding the production line. According to the customer's idea, the business manager of Jergoug assisted the customer in segmenting the consumer market, and determined that the fruit and vegetable processing solutions of this cooperation will lock in the scope of carrot shredded, carrot puree processing, and leafy vegetable pure vegetable processing.

After segmenting the market, determine the target market, and determine the product positioning for the target market. Solve the key problems, and the rest will be solved. Taking into account the customer's estimated output, production workshop area and other factors, Gelgoog engineers designed fruit and vegetable cleaning and processing solutions for customers including soft brush cleaning equipment, bubble rinsing and sterilization equipment, picking belts, and cutting equipment. Won customer satisfaction.

With the increasing brand and popularity of customers, diversification can make the business prosperous. Gelgoog has always been working with customers to promote the digitalization of the food industry, and is committed to innovative thinking such as modularization, digitalization and intelligent scenarios and applications, and will become a right-hand man for food production and development.
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