Leave Green Vegetables Process Line Salad Washing Machine

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Cutting vegetables and washing. Also provide water remove machine and packing machine.
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Leave Green Vegetables Process Line Salad Washing Machine
Leave Green Vegetables Process Line can help people produce salads on a large scale. Help people lighten up, save time and labor costs.

Need to put vegetables into our vegetable cutting machine. The vegetable cutter is multifunctional, which can chop leafy vegetables and cut bulbous vegetables into dices or slices. Can be cut according to customer needs.vegetables after cutting is more convenient to make salad.
Leave Green Vegetables Process Line
The cuted vegetables need to be washed. In this step, pesticide residues can be removed, and effective sterilization can be performed. Remove the pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables, so that consumers can eat assured vegetables.
Our salad washing machines use eddy current and bubble cleaning methods. Vegetables are cleaned more cleanly, and eddy current cleaners and other general cleaners are more energy efficient and have a smaller footprint.
After washing,vegetables enter the air-drying machine to remove vegetable surface water.
The air-dried vegetables and fruits enter the salad packaging machine. The weight and bag size of the salad package can be set by the customer. Product customized services have been implemented to help customers realize their own salad processing ideas. Salad processing manufacturers can sell packaged salads to supermarket.

Leave green vegetables washing machine features:
  • 1 person operation
  • 2 reels at the same time impurity removal 
  • 3 times cleaning stroke
  • 360 degrees8 vortex continuous cleaning
  • 10 high pressure water gun adjustable spray cleaning
  • high frequency vibration screening drain,
  • simple operation, high efficiency, water saving, and clean.
Technical Data
 Leave Green Vegetables Process Line Salad Washing Machine
Machine name power size
Automatic Vegetable and Fruit Washing Machine 5.1kw/380v/50Hz 5000*1400*1400
Air Cooling Drying Machine 3.1kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1100*1000

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