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How Does The Factory Make Egg Tarts?

Release Date: Feb-15, 2022
The crispy and crumbly tart skin is wrapped in a hot and tender filling. It is sweet but not greasy. Delicious egg tarts may seem ordinary, but they are very popular. How is large-scale egg tart production achieved? Now I will take you to find out.
The egg tart production line is generally composed of egg tart shell embryo making machine and egg tart shell forming machine. It adopts the main advantages of similar international products, and is carefully built according to the design concept of compact structure, convenient operation and stable performance. This production line can complete the pressing, forming, filling, conveying and other processes of egg tarts at one time. With different molds, you can make Cantonese egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, coconut egg tarts, etc. It has a high degree of automation, saves a lot of labor, and is suitable for large-scale production of large and medium-sized enterprises.
egg tart processing

Egg Tart Process:

Dough embryo shaping and pre-pressing----noodle block conveying and finishing----rolling dough extension----butter puff pastry folding----rolling dough extension overlapping and folding in half---second rolling dough extension--- --Extension of the second rolling, overlapping and folding in half--Extension of rolling three times--Finally thinning-Dough dividing--rolling and shaping the dough.

Egg Tart Procesing Main Equipment:

1. Noodle machine
The principle of manual dough mixing is simulated under vacuum negative pressure, so that the gluten network is formed quickly, the protein structure is balanced, and the gluten, chewy and tensile force of the dough are far superior to the dough mixing effect of other dough mixers. It is suitable for the processing of various pasta products. Different types of dough mixers can be selected according to the characteristics of the wheat flour used in the pasta products to achieve different dough mixing effects. Because the negative pressure is maintained in the dough mixer, the flour is prevented from heating up and the flour is heated. The water and water are fully and evenly stirred at low temperature, and the amount of water added is as high as 46%, which increases the strength of the gluten, and makes the dough product more elastic and full of muscles.
Put an appropriate weight of dough (usually 20-35 grams) into the mold, and then press it into shape. Egg tart machine equipment can produce Portuguese egg tarts, Taiwanese egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts and various fancy egg tarts. PLC program control, the production capacity is about 1300-1800 pieces per hour; using the human-machine interface touch panel, the operation is easy and simple; the mold replacement is easy, suitable for a variety of styles of production, and has a wide range of uses; easy to clean and maintain; Automatic cup feeding; suitable for mass production, saving labor and reducing labor costs.
Food baking equipment business is one of the core businesses of gelgoog, providing digital and personalized production solutions for global bakery companies. The Gelgoog egg tart production line adopts a modular combination design, which can improve competitiveness through flexible and convenient combination, and meet the production needs of various products. It adopts an automatic control system, which is easy to operate and stable in performance. It improves the safety and production efficiency of the production process, ensures the quality of products, reduces the loss of raw materials and energy in the production process, saves labor costs, and reduces the amount of labor.
If you need egg tart making equipment to help your egg tart business, please feel free to contact us for the latest information and quotation of egg tart process machine.
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