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Poland Customer Visit For Sunflower Seeds Processing Machine

Release Date: Mar-19, 2018
Welcome our Poland customer visit us for our sunflower seeds process line.Our sunflower seed shelling line is the patent product of our company. The equipment can carry out the functions of cleaning, removing shell, removing shell, separating, separating, and so on. The seeds without the shell will automatically return to the shell machine for the re - shell, and the degree of automation is greatly improved. The device has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, seed and seed damage small nucleoli, automatic feeding, convenient operation and maintenance. It is well known that it is one of the best equipment for cleaning, shelling and separating the core and confectionery of the sunflower seeds in the nucleolus and petroleum industries in the world.

This series of products also applies to processing and grading agricultural by-products, including sunflower seeds, white melon seeds, watermelon seeds, red watermelon seeds and legumes. This series uses double wind screen technology to deal with two times. The vibrating screen is also "a box of two units", and the series of machines are efficient and accurate.
Seed cleaning is the process of removing any foreign material or low quality infected seeds and different crop varieties. Seed cleaning is part of the seed industry, which is responsible for the improvement of the seed and the improvement of the planting conditions of the seeds. This helps to improve the quality of the seeds, thus ensuring the improvement of agricultural productivity.
The seeds should be cleaned immediately after the harvest. If the seed is very wet and is cleaned by the machine, it may be necessary to dry the seed to the water content of 12-16% before cleaning in order to prevent damage.

If you also interest in our sunflower seeds process machine,welcome conatct us freely. Email:gz@gelgoog.com.cn.

poland customer for sunflwoer seed processing machine
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