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Automatic Spring Roll Sheet Making Machine Spring Roll Folding Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Material: Food Need To Be Fried
  • Loading Port: Qingdao
  • Description: The spring roll sheet making machine is used to make round or square spring roll skins.
The spring roll sheet making machine is used to make round or square spring roll skins.

How To Use The Spring Roll Wrapper Machine To Make Spring Roll Wrappers:

Turn on the machine to preheat. When preheating, the machine should be rotated slowly, and the cooking oil should be lightly coated on the heating cylinder (not too much), and the batter prepared by the machine should be filtered with a basket. The temperature can be heated to about 100 degrees. For pulping leather, the temperature is between 70 and 110 degrees, the thickness of the dough is 0.3mm to 1.2mm, and the gaps on both sides of the eccentric shafts of the two rows of adjustment nozzles (controlling the thickness and thickness of the dough) should be adjusted the same. Can be used directly or stacked to a height of about 6-7 cm, cover tightly with a wet towel, and leave it for 6-8 hours before use.
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Spring Roll Wrapper Folding Machine FAQ:

1). What are the heating methods?

Re: Electric heating and gas heating, a device can only choose one heating method

2). Can a spring roll wrapper machine make spring roll wrappers of different sizes?

Re: A spring roll wrapper machine can only make one size if it is round. If it is a square spring roll skin, the length of the spring roll skin can be adjusted freely, and the cutting knife can be adjusted or the nozzle of the spring roll skin equipment can be changed for different widths.

3). Can the thickness of the spring roll skin be adjusted?

Re: (1) Adjusted by the formula of the batter (add more water)
     (2) Adjust the speed of the drum

4) Can the temperature of the spring roll wrapper be adjusted? What is the appropriate heating temperature setting?

Re: The temperature can be set. According to the thickness and size of the dough, the rotation speed of the drum is different, and the temperature setting is also different. Usually the temperature of the spring roll skin equipment is set between 110-140.

 5). What material is the spring roll wrapper made of?

Blade: Teflon coated with white steel, the roller is alloy, the conveyor belt is Teflon, the other is 304 stainless steel conveyor belt PE material, foot plastic. Meet food standards

 6). Can the rotation speed of the drum and the speed of the conveyor belt be adjusted?

  The drum speed and the speed of both conveyor belts are adjustable
Technical Data
Name Dimensiton(mm) Power(kw) No.
Spring Roll Wapper Part 2200*2000*2200 59 1
Stuffing Part 700*600*1000 0.4 1
Spring Roll Folding Part 1700*500*1360 0.4 1
Spring Roll Forming Part 4030*500*1100 0.4 1
Batter Mixer 1300*600*900 1.1 1
Batter Tank 800*300*320 / 1
Batter Pump - 0.55 2
Capacity: 3000-5000pcs/h

* The above data is for reference only, specific specifications are subject to the contract proposal.

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