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Auto Food Grain Weighing Filling And Sealing Machine

Release Date: May-22, 2018
The weighing filling and sealing machine is used for  food grain ect. The autoamtic weight and packing machine is designed to measure all kinds of products, including snacks, sweets, rice, poultry, nuts, coffee, fruit, vegetables, spices, coffee, pet food, frozen food, chemicals, hardware and so on.

The automatic weighing and filling machine is available in several models. Its weight varies from 1 grams to 50 pounds, and can be up to 50 cycles per minute.
Its leading PC control can be accurately configured to your specific product flow, speed and accuracy requirements.
All designs include stainless steel open frame structure, sanitary design, tool free removable contact parts and so on.

Weighing packaging company produces all kinds of packaging machinery, specially for packaging, packaging or packaging for pet food, packaging pet food, packaging pet food, including snacks, dried meat, strip, strip and extruded food.
Single bag packaging is very popular in pet food industry.
Our pouch can automatically fill and seal all kinds of pet products and seal them in doy and four axis bags with zippers.
Our packaging machine is specially designed to handle all your pet packaging needs.

This is our 10 heads food grain packing machine working video:
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