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Perfume Box Over Wrapping Machine With Automatic

Release Date: May-18, 2018
The perfume box over wrapping machine is a square, rectangular or even trapezoidal product wrapped with a layer of cellophane. It is the same as cigarette packaging.
It is suitable for all kinds of medicine, condoms, health products, candy, chewing gum, tea, coffee, cosmetics, Notepad, note book, stationery, rubber, digital media, vcd/dvd/cd box, tape, tobacco, poker, napkin and so on.

Functional characteristics of automatic box wrapping machine:
Based on the design of the perfume box packer, it absorbs, digests and improves the advanced science and technology of Europe and Japan, adopts imported PLC control and electronic components, which is driven by cylinder, servo motor to control film decline, the setting and adjustment length of the film can be freely adjusted, the advantages of stable and reliable operation, high speed, company packaging, Smooth and beautiful.

The cellophane wrapping machine is made up of imported high quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel and closed safety glass cover. It can automatically pack, feed, fold, heat seal, count and bind U type tear band.Automatic fault diagnosis and alarm can replace different parts with different sizes.

The commentary on the cellophane packaging machine for perfume box:
Our automatic cosmetic box over wrapping machine can be integrated into a complete line connected to the upstream and downstream machines.
We can provide different types of collation, flip and tilt solutions to meet the packaging of single or bundled packages you want.
The cellophane wrapping machine can be customized for various accessories, such as magic eye for printing film or tearing, convenient opening and feeding system, date printer, electrostatic eliminator, etc.

automatic perfume box over wrapping machine
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