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Automatic Banana Chips Manufacturing Process - Great Helper For Chips Business

Release Date: May-31, 2018
Banana chips manufacturing process
Fried banana chips have a good establishment and standardization process, of course, the final process is different, because different countries have different tastes.
Banana slicer manufacturers are therefore able to provide relevant front - of - car processors according to different processing requirements.
automatic banana chips manufatcuring process
Banana chips have many effects:
Banana chips are high in sugar and provide energy.
Banana slice contains a lot of dietary fiber, easy to produce satiety after eating, can play the role of promoting gastrointestinal movement, and promote the role of metabolism.
Banana slice contains a lot of protein and mineral, can maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body, diuresis and detumescence on blood pressure regulation.

Automatic banana chips processing line has the following characteristics:
Adopt the latest oil heating technology of internal heat exchanger
Bucket continuous filtering system
For frying, can save 60% manpowder.
The complete construction material is SS 304
No leakage design reduces fuel consumption.
No thermal working environment.

Competition is not as fierce as potato chips.
There are some national and regional brands of potato chips, but because of the small market, they are not in banana chips.
This provides ample opportunity for new entrants, as the market is not dominated by certain brands, and it has good quality and competitive pricing, and is likely to gain sufficient market share.
Chinese manufacturer of automatic banana slicer:
Our company produces a whole set of banana slice processing equipment, including slicer, conveyor, frying machine, vibrating screen, seasoning machine, packaging machine, etc.
Banana slice is the product of banana deep processing after peeling, slicing, frying and seasoning, which is easy to store and eat.

The will not only reduce the economic losses caused by banana decay, but also help improve the market and increase income.
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