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Potato Chips Packing Machine Video

Release Date: Jan-18, 2018
The potato chips packing machine product has been carefully researched and designed by excellent engineers. It adopts microcomputer controlled optical technology, with high accuracy, high speed and good quality. It solves the tedious process of traditional packaging.
It is suitable for potato chips, snacks, food, seeds, fruit, granular chemicals and drugs, small components such as ordinary nonstick solid material.

this is our potato chips packing machine working video:

The machine adopts the computer - controlled calibration system, and the response signal is processed through.Microcomputer can realize the whole synchronization, package length, positioning, automatically tracking the spot track, automatic diagnosis fault, display screen.The machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, measuring, filling, filling, counting, sealing, spraying, material.

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