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What Should We Do When Granule Packing Machine Out of Order

Release Date: Jan-15, 2018
What service we provide for granule packing machine :
1. life-long warranty, one year free maintenance, software life free upgrade;
2. manufacturers set up special line telephone to provide technical support to customers.
3. in order to ensure the interests of the customer, the company is responsible for the quality problems caused by the machine itself in the process of use, except for force majeure.
4. packaging equipment used in the environment to meet the conditions, the client shall be in strict accordance with the normal operation of the standard is used, the customer's own failure can not be excluded, should contact with the technical department of the company in the first time, for as far as possible in the professional and technical personnel of the company under the guidance of the telephone. For foreign customers.
5. in the normal use of the system, the hardware problem is guaranteed for one year, and the service is provided for life.

What Should We Do When Granule Packing Machine Out of Order
1 photoelectric error
When the status bar shows "optoelectronic error!" With the "drop - drop -" alarm sound, please adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric eye, the sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is too high, too low will cause the above failure. The set value and the actual length of packing bags does not match the length will cause the fault, but the design of the system has automatic length measuring function, when you use the bag with the cursor, recommend the main menu "system settings" below the "measurement" is set to "automatic" can avoid packing length setting error.
2 trip error
When the status bar shows "travel error!" Please check the stroke switch when the alarm sound is "drop - drop".
3 fault phenomenon: the step motor has been turning slowly. Reasons: 1, check the 6 lines of the stepper motor have not fallen off. 2, the check panel on the "exit" key has not been pressed.
4 fault phenomenon: the length can not be measured automatically. Elimination method: please press the confirmation key to enter the main dish, set the system, the length measurement will set it as "automatic".

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