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Cheetos 3D Pellets Fryer Machine With Best Price

Release Date: Jan-18, 2018
We provide Cheetos 3D Pellets Fryer Machine With Best Price,these are some advantages
1, The automatic control of oil temperature in the whole process can be set at 0-300 degrees C, which is suitable for food frying of various process requirements.

2, The filling valve installed at the bottom of the oil layer, can be added to the water at any time without affecting the frying process. The equipment is also equipped with a check valve to solve the problem of the oil flow backwater pipe when the water supply is cut off.

3. Temperature measuring equipment is installed at the bottom of the water, and the temperature of the water is clear at a glance. In addition, the water temperature is adjustable. When the measured water temperature is higher than the setting temperature, the cooling measures can be taken to prevent the boiling of water. (special equipment is also equipped with automatic cooling function)

4. The oil and water separation surface is provided with a glass tube and. a detector for the observation of the oil discharge valve. The water line is more accurate.

5. The international oil and water mixing process is designed to save more oil than the fryer. It can prolong the use cycle of edible oil, not produce carbonated oil and save 50% of edible oil. Equipment investment can be revoked for half a year.

6, The technology produced by the frying equipment is bright in color and good in color. The quality and grade of food have been greatly improved, and the acidification of fried foods exceeds the standard.

7:The residue of food produced during the frying process may be filtered through the funnel at the bottom and discharged through the drain. This can filter oil rather than waste.
Cheetos 3D Pellets Fryer Machine With Best Price
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