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Plantain Chips Making Machine Packed to Philippines

Release Date: Jun-07, 2018
The plantain chips making machine packed to Philippines.About the plantain chips machine, we can provide you the Plantain slicer,Blanching machine,De-watering machine,Fryer,De-oiling machine,Flavoring machine,Packing machine. Of course you also can pick the serval main machins if you want start small plantain chips buisness. We can provide you the suitable plantian chips solution.

Plantain chips machine automated feature:
Our automatic plantain chips machine adopts the most advanced banana chips making machines. Banana chips are crispy snack food similar to potato chips. Banana chips are normally made from under-ripe fruits by frying the slices in oil.
We offer professional automatic plantain chips machine price. Fried banana chips one kind of snacks processed from fresh banana after being peeled, sliced, fried and seasoned. It remains the special delicious flavor of roasted banana one respect and also keeps the characters of rich nutrition, delicious flavor. The chips after our plantain chips machine are very popular among the customers. Therefore, our high efficient plantain chips machine price with large output will be the most convenient banana chips machine philippines for the chips processing manufacturers. We have two capacities for this line: 60-70kg/h and100-150kg/h and more.

Not only the professional plantain chips production line,we also provide the professional banana chips machine philippines service for you.
1.Reply all your questions within one hour on workdays.
2.We have our own factory,can customize the product according to your needs.
3.We have many years export experience,can supply the service of production,inspection of goods and transport .
4.we test each machine before delivery ,make sure customer get the good quality machine they ordered.
5.warranty time is for one year,professional timely advice and spare parts will be offered all the time.

How to make plantain chips crispy?
1: do not use mature plantain.
2:It can not be btter to use plantian chips slicer.
3: Make sure that your oil is at the right temperature
4: Don't put salt or vegetables before frying.
5: Put the potato chips in the hot oil or put it in a single layer.
6:Flip chip constantly!
7: Pay attention to the color, listen to the hoarse.
8: Season whikle hot
9:Before theis completely cooled.

If you need plantain chips machine price, contact email gz@gelgoog.com.cn or phone/whatsapp/wechat freely +8618539931566.

Plantain Chips Making Machine Packed to Philippines
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