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Why and How Cellophane Wrap A Box ?

Release Date: Jun-11, 2018
With the cellophane wrapping packaging in recent years ,it is new trend  with the China cellophane overwrapping machine,which is the introduction of tobacco packets, the drug after the mechanical pallet into the plastic film, after feeding, cutting, folding, Angle, side seal, plastic, output and other actions to complete the packaging. And you will know how to cellophane wrap a box.How to cellophane wrap a box ?

Features of the automatic cellophane box wrapping machine:
(1)high production efficiency and automation, can achieve continuous automatic production, and front-end cartoning automatic box cellophane wrapping machine and back-end packing machine to achieve linkage and balanced production;
(2)use BOPP or PVC film to do packaging materials,
(3) due to less operator, greatly reducing the labor costs and the corresponding management costs;
(4) with the use of the cost of the book, cellophane packaging of the finished product appearance, high grade, is conducive to improving the product image;
(5) with cellophane packaging of finished products moisture-proof performance, easy to transport and storage, to adapt to the Pharmacopoeia on the production, storage temperature is strict Limited biochemical, vaccine and fat-soluble drug packaging;
(6) The automatic cellophane wrapping machine on the working environment without pollution, small footprint.

How to cellophane wrap a box ?
The automatic box cellophane wrapping machine of Celluloid utilizes the press and conveying process for packaging goods, and completes products packaging through the processes of movie supply, cutting movie, folding, packaging, heat sealing, shaping, and exporting. Soon after currently being folded on both sides, the sealing, moisture-proof, and decorative packaging effects are accomplished by means of bonding.
Transparent film and opening lines (commonly regarded as gold lines, unsealed lines) printed with a graphic or holographic laser brand could be very easily opened and counterfeited following pasting.

To sum up, in the carton packaging, shrinking film packaging, cellophane wrapping packaging in three forms of packaging, cellophane wrapping packaging is an excellent choice. In recent years, with a cellophane packaging products in the low cost and high grade characteristics favored by the majority of merchants.
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