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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Set

Release Date: Apr-23, 2018
The peanut butter production line consists of feeding elevator, peeling machine and semi Valley sorting machine, belt selector, feeder, primary grinder, stirring tank and so on. Mixers, mixers, refiners, vacuum cookers, coolers and fillers.

The peanut butter manufacturing machine is suitable for sesame seed butter, peanut butter, soya bean sauce, rice butter starch butter and some industrial butter. It is small in volume, convenient to move, easy to operate, low noise, high efficiency, refined butter and cooling system.
Processing of commercial peanut butter production line:
Elevator - bake - cooling - skinning - Selection - Milling - mixing - cooling - degassing - liquid filling machine
Peanut butter production line:
Baking machine: roasted peanuts.
Cooling: the principle of roasting peanuts is cooled by using the heat drawn from the fan.
Peeling machine: peeled dried and roasted peanuts, during which peanut meat and skin are automatically separated to ensure the quality of peanuts is stripped.
Conveyor belt: the choice of unqualified peanuts and food residues.
Coarse grinder: first grinding of peanuts.
Ultrafine grinder: coarse grind peanuts for further grinding, in order to further improve the fineness of treatment.
Thickener: cool ground peanut butter.
Gas removal box: before degassing and filling peanut butter.
Filling: filling and packing.

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peanut butter manufacturering set
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