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How To Make Fried Crispy Banana Chips?

Release Date: Nov-16, 2018
In our lives, we can see plantain chips everywhere, supermarkets, homes and so on. Banana slices are a snack eaten by men, women, old and young. It is not only domestic, but also a very popular trend abroad. In this article, we will introduce banana slices, and two methods of how to making banana chips: factory convenience and family practice.

What are plantain chips?
Banana slice is a popular snack. Banana slices are mainly made of plantain. In order to enable people in more areas to eat such fruits, besides implementing a set of scientific storage and transportation measures, bananas can also be made into banana slices. Such banana slices are usually processed from ripe bananas that can no longer be stored or transported near their origin. This method can not only reduce the economic losses caused by decay, but also adjust the market and increase revenue.Increase revenue. This is the economic market brought by banana slices. Banana slice production is a very economic business. Small investments, generous returns.
Bananas are so popular that they are a profitable business. Then how to make fried crispy banana chips?
how to make plantain chips flow chart
Industrial methods to make plantain chips- how to make plantain chips commercial ?
Plantain chips production line usually includes plantain slicer, blanching machine,water remove machine,plantain chips fryer machine, cooling deoiling line, picking line, drum flavoring machine, automatic packaging machine and other equipment.
01 hoist: automatic banana lifting, which is convenient, efficient, quick and saving manpower.
02 banana slicing machine: efficient slicing, adjustable thickness of slice.
03 conveyor belt lifting conveyor to scalding machine.
04 the blanching machine:protects the color of banana slices and makes the banana slices attractive.
05 air cooling line to remove water from banana slices and transport to frying machine.
06 frying machine fry and optimize the taste and taste.
07 vibration oil drain machine to remove excess oil from vibration.
08 air-cooled line to remove oil and cool off the surface excess oil, to cool potato chips, so as to enter the seasoning machine.
09 the seasoning machine is evenly seasoned according to the ingredients made by the customers.
10 packaging machine according to the requirements of customers to pack weight, automatic packaging of banana slices can be sold.
Plantain chips complete set of equipment is made of stainless steel. Exquisite workmanship, continuous operation, and has the characteristics of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, small occupation area, convenient use and maintenance, excellent quality of finished products and high profits.

Family approach-How to make plantain chips at home ?
1. buy large bananas and not too ripe.
2. peel the bananas.
3. slice plantain into thickness of 0.3cm
4. evenly spread on shelves, do not overlap.
5. put the slice of cut banana in warm water and scald it.
6: fish out, worry about excess moisture and remove moisture from banana slices.
7: start the oil pan and put the banana slices out of the surface to fry in the frying pan.
8: look at the banana when it is yellow.
9: fried banana slices to filter oil and sprinkle with your favorite condiments.
The method of making banana chips is very simple. Have you learned it? If you want to produce plantain chips on a large scale. Our plantain chips production line will be your best choice. Our plantain chips processing line is a full automatic production line. No manual operation, save a lot of manpower, processed banana slices taste pure, not only delicious, color is better!
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