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The Whole Line Of French Fries Manufacturing Process

Release Date: Nov-16, 2018
Delicious French fries are loved by people. In the process of processing, potatoes need to go through a number of processes to be processed into French fries. If processed manually, it will not only require a lot of labor, but also consume a lot of time, which greatly increases the production cost of enterprise. Then, what should the French fries manufacturing process be?

This is whole line of french fries manufacturer process picturer:
french fries manufatcurer process
The French fries manufacturing machine is a hot seller in our company. This product has improved the productivity of French fries, improved the production quality of French fries, and greatly improved the work efficiency. The production process of French fries manufacturing machine is more stable and efficient. Our company has brought better products and services to our customers and has won unanimous good praise in the industry. Here, we briefly introduce the production process of French fries.
French fries manufacturing process
First, the potatoes are cleaned, peeled and selected for pruning. After cleaning and peeling, The skin of potatoes is clean and smooth .Second, the potatoes are cut into the French fries machine. Cut fries are well-shaped and good-looking. After cutting, the potatoes enter the process of rinsing and blanching. This process is to protect the color of French fries. Next, dehydrate, deep-fry and remove oil. Last, Season and package.
The development of French fries production process is the inevitable result of improving production quantity, production efficiency and reducing production cost.The french fries line  has played a positive role in reducing manpower, improving efficiency and quality, and has promoted the development of the production industry.
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