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What is Peanut Coating Machine ?

Release Date: Nov-08, 2018
What is the function of peanut coating machine ? the function is to make coated peanut with flour or sugar or chocolate ect. The coating machine have saved your manlabor and save your lot of time. Because the peanut coating machine is automatic and with high efficiency. We only put the peanut and flour or sugar into the machine pot, the push the machine start button. Then it is dont need your attention anymore. It is very efficiency, is it ?
 peanut coating machine picture
How to make coated peanut snak efficiency ?
1,What is raw material?
1 kg of peanuts, 2 kg of starch (flour is also available), 5 kg of sugar, 20 g of salt, 5 g of thirteen incense, 5 g of pepper, 10 g of chili powder, 200 g of edible oil, 5 g of baking soda, 500 g of water .
2, How to make peanut coating ?
(1) The sugar is heated to a temperature of 60-70 ° C for use.
(2) Mix the dry flour with the soda powder and mix the salt.
(3) Pour the mature peanuts into the sugar-coated machine with a diameter of 50-60 cm. Use a rice spoon to melt the syrup (about one spoonful) and mix the peanuts with water. The syrup is poured evenly over the peanuts instead of condensing on the bottom of the basin.
(4) After mixing well, start to sprinkle starch on the peanuts. If the action is like mixing sugar, pour a little sugar water. After shaking, immediately spread a layer of starch. Repeat this until the peanuts are stained with half a millimeter of starch. Pour in half a spoonful of cooking oil, do not sprinkle starch for the time being: when the oil is well mixed, sprinkle the starch, pour the sugar, stir, until the peanut is soaked with starch about 1 mm thick, then pour in half a spoonful of cooking oil, stir well . Spread the mixed peanuts and spread them on the chopping board or in a large container to avoid sticking.
Since its inception, we have been operating in good faith with the principle of mutual benefit. The company has professional engineering and technical personnel, and always builds high-tech products with environmental protection, green and energy-saving as the R&D projects for users, and builds reliable quality brands for users. Our peanut wrapper is easy to operate, saves labor and works efficiently. Advanced and efficient heating systems avoid energy waste and save a lot of energy. The continuous operation of the machine improves the unit work efficiency, effectively reduces the unit cost, and is also very helpful for labor expenditure and management expenditure.

The video of making coated peanut making machine:

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