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How To Make Plantain Chips Crispy

Release Date: Jul-20, 2018
How to make plantain chips crispy ? Your plantian chips can be self-made or manufactured (with the help of the machine). Let's see what the homemade version looks like. The following is a brief description of the plantain chips process of homemade.
 how to make plantain chips
Step 1. wash the plantain with water (for this purpose you can use a large bowl), peel it and slice it into thin slices (using special banana cutting device is very smart).
Step 2. put all slices into the water so that they will not change color. However, please remember that there should be no water in the slices when frying, so sieving it before continuing. This should not be a problem. Remember to add salt to the chips to make them tasty.
Step 3. make potato chips in a frying pan covered with vegetable oil. Just fry the plantain slices.
Step 4. your chips must be dry, so make sure they are not soaked in oil. You can use special frying spoons and napkins to fry banana chips and remove excess oil.
Step 5. pack and sell the plantain chips.
The simple steps described above mean a lot of work, and if you get a plantain chips (you can easily find such a device in China or even Nigeria), you can simplify everything. The plantain chips production line will perform all the above steps on its own. This is a perfect investment in your business, because it saves you time and allows you to focus on other important things, such as promotion and distribution of your products. The production of banana chips is a perfect business idea, because this kind of snack is very popular among students, businessmen, workers and children in Nigeria. In other words, this type of product can meet the income of different categories of people. We hope you like our short instruction and business plan details for making plantain chips in Nigeria. If you like this idea, you can turn it into something profitable. Ifyou want to know how to start plantain chips business. Visit website this: How to start plantain chips business. Or Contact us for price. Email gz@gelgoog.com.cn 
Plantain chips are crisp or crisp snacks produced by ripe or immature plantain. This is one of the favorite snacks of many people. People prefer to eat other snacks because they can be used as food. When it is made in a very attractive and attractive way, it becomes irresistible. The color of the potato chips from maturing banana is brown and black, while the immature banana is yellow. Plantain belongs to the banana family, so it is called sweet banana slice. In addition to potato chips, plantain can also be used as a thick soup, boiled or stewed or served with stews or rice and flour. Plantain chips contains fiber, which is very healthy and edible.
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