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How to Clean Frying Machine ?

Release Date: Jul-17, 2018
Although the durability of the frying machine for a long time, but if long time does not clean, it will also reduce the service life of the fryer. Then how to clean frying machine ? Now, we introduce the cleaning methods and precautions of the full automatic frying machine: cleaning the oil residue, cleaning the warm water, wiping the shell and avoiding the water. If we can do that, we can extend the service life of the frying machine. The following will be read for you in detail.
how to clean frying machine
1, Clean up the oil dregs. After the work is finished, the full automatic fryer should be imported into the tank as far as possible as far as possible. The oil residue at the bottom of the fryer is cleaned, especially in the summer. If the oil is not cleaned, the frying will be deteriorated in a short time, and it will affect the normal use of the oil fryer.

2, Warm water cleaning. The commercial deep fryer cleaning tool is warm water. The full automatic frying machine at the end of the work can use warm water to flush the inner gallbladder of the fryer. If you choose a coal-fired fryer, the waste heat recovery device can be used to recover the waste heat from the flue gas in the production process, and the heat can be heated to warm water for cleaning. The recycling use can reduce the use of energy. Rate, reduce cost. In addition, the neutral detergent can be added to the warm water, but the acid remover can not be added.May be you also need deep fryer cleaning powder.  The acid cleaning solution corrode the parts of the frying machine and affect the service life of the fryer.

3. Wipe the shell. As far as possible, do not wash the shell with water. Wipe with a small amount of non irritant cleanser.

4, Avoid water. During the cleaning process, as far as possible, the water can not touch the motor and solenoid valves.
The cleaning steps of the automatic frying machine are basically three points. Users should pay attention to hygiene when cleaning, because they are related to the food industry. Hygienic problems are all primary. Regular cleaning can also prolong the life of the automatic frying machine.

For now you should know how to clean a commercial deep fryer. We are frying machine manufacturer.We will show many information about frying machine and some thing about frying. Any problem you can contact us freely. gz@gelgoog.com.cn

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