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How to make crisp potato chips with contious frying machine?

Release Date: Feb-11, 2018
Potato chips have always been a favorite daily small food for young people. They have great market potential. Both KFC and street snacks are out of stock. Now that you know this, why don't you think about entering the line? A full automatic fryer can be a manufacturer and a packer bag that can completely supply supermarkets and groceries. So how is the potato chips made? The little editor teaches you to use an automatic fryer to cook crisp fries.
A: gelatinization in potato (potato) mud as semi-finished products add corn flour and mix thoroughly into the wet dough into the steamer ready for gelatinization processing. The temperature of 58 DEG C for 20 minutes or so 65.
B: seasoning and rubbing stick to cool the dough after cooking, then pour the weighed MSG, Zanthoxylum powder, chilli powder, chilli powder or fresh onion into the dough to make the seasoning with different tastes. Further rubbed into a column with a diameter of 2 cm ~ 4 cm. The flavoring operation can also be carried out after the oil is deoiled.
C: the cooling treatment put the face column in the plastic bag. After sealing, the cooling and cooling conditions of the refrigerator are 4 - 6 centigrade, and the time is 5 - 11 hours. Processing time should face group size and cooling rate and.
D: slice drying will cut the fully aging surface column, and cut it into 1.5 millimeter 2 millimeter thick slice, put it in the dryer, and dry for 4 hours to 5 hours at the temperature of 45 to 50 degrees, so that the moisture content in the dry blank can be reduced to 4% 9%.
E: frying palm oil fry at 180 - 190 degrees centigrade temperature fry until the appearance of golden brown can be out of the pot.

how to make crisp potato chips with frying machine
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