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Full Automatic Snack Food Frying Machine With Oil Saving

Release Date: Feb-11, 2018
Saving oil is the main feature of the full automatic fryer machine.The latest development of continuous frying machine is a leading design in the same industry, and can achieve continuous and uniform feeding and continuous discharging at work. The time of frying and the temperature of frying can be set at random by the operator. In the process of frying, the motion of the material itself is self stirring, without external force, thus greatly reducing the material breakage rate. The production capacity is designed freely according to the customer's demand, and the oxygen concentration in the frying pan is also greatly reduced. Automatic fryer food is not easy to fade and color browning can keep the color of the raw material itself. If gooseberry is very hot browning, if vacuum fry, it can keep its green. But for oil soluble pigments, such as carotenoid pigments and chlorophyll pigments, it is easy to dissolve in the frying time. Therefore, the raw materials should be pre processed before frying, and the frying machine will keep the stability of pigments.

The full automatic fryer is used to set the temperature. The new pot after installation must first open the manual deslagging hole switch off automatic slag cleaning valve, filling into the pot into the rinse water flushed the side brush pot brush clean and then use a flashlight to check to see if there is no small iron pot residue, such as a suction magnet. Manual slag into the oil filling port closed within an hour to go. Pump oil to the frying basket in the high 15 cm to start the ignition, the first of the pot is not a lot of wind into the period by 130-190 digital thermometer control you set yourself head pot to feed to prevent oil spill in half.

full automatic snack food frying machine with saving oil
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