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Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

Release Date: Feb-11, 2018
We are flow wrapping machine manufacturer in china.Our company is in line with the principle of "excellent quality and customer first". We are committed to making progress and innovation, and constantly introduce products with innovative design, beautiful appearance, stable performance and easy operation. Let customers buy our automatic quantitative packaging scale, quantitative packaging scale, automatic packaging scale, packaging machinery, granular packaging machinery products to buy rest assured. The customer is satisfied with the machine, it is our persistent striving goal. In the spirit of pragmatism and innovation, we will always serve the customers' attitude and provide our customers with cheap and good products, and serve customers wholeheartedly.

If you are satisfied with our products you can on the website message can also send us mail gz@gelgoog.com.cn, Mukai Gashi packaging materials and packaging appliance (bag size, material, etc.) is expected to yield, etc., in order to provide the most suitable products for you. If there are any other technical requirements, we will try our best to solve it. "Good faith is our promise, service is our quality" we sincerely look forward to working with your company happy! Welcome you to our company to discuss the negotiation or the material mailing my company test machine packaging!

After-sale service:
On delivery: regular products are in stock, delivery within 72 hours, special specifications to be customized.
On Freight: all products are direct delivery of the manufacturer, free freight.
On the receipt of goods: the general logistics is 3-7 days to arrive, you can choose to pick up, and can deliver the goods to the door.
About after sale: all the products are one year warranty, lifelong technical after-sale, life-long maintenance.

flow wrapping machine manufacturer
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