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How Does A Hemp Decorticator Work

Release Date: Sep-07, 2018
Do you know how does a hemp decorticator work?
This hemp seed decorticator machine is mainly used to remove the outer shell and chaff separation of hemp seed. And the machine is one of the main working machines for hemp processing. This machine can improve the working efficiency of hemp process, reduce consumption and create more economic benefits for users.So today I would like to tell you how does the hemp decorticator work and other detail information about the hemp decorticator.
how does a hemp decorticator work
First of all,the hemp decorticator machine is mainly composed of a hopper feeding device, a head device, a chaff separation chamber, a gear transmission, a frame and other parts.
The machine is mainly composed of a hopper feeding device, a head device, a chaff separation chamber, a gear transmission, a frame and the like. The main working part of the hemp decorticator is a horizontal rubber roller or plastic roller that is bonded or set on the cast iron cylinder. The axes of the two rollers are located in the same horizontal plane or slightly different in height, and are rotated at different rotational speeds. One roller is fixed in position and the other roller can be moved, so that the rolling distance between the rollers can be adjusted.
The hemp seeds are fed evenly between the rolls by a feed roll which is reversely rotated at different line speeds, and the seeds passing between the rolls are pressed and torn by the pressure of the press. Due to the extrusion of the two rolls and the tearing action caused by the difference between the speeds of the two rolls, most of the seeds reach the purpose of shelling, enter the chaff separation device, and then absorb at a wind speed of 4 to 5 m/s through the suction port. rice husk. After the grain mixture is separated from the rice husk, the grain mixture is discharged from the discharge raft.

And now you may have a further knowledge of the hemp decorticator,and then I would like to give you some tips about the hemp decorticator.
1.All on-site mechanics and mechanics must strictly implement maintenance procedures and safe operating procedures for mechanical equipment.
2.The equipment of the hemp decorticator should be used according to the technical performance of the original machine, the regulations system and the regular maintenance system must be implemented, and the equipment should be cleaned, lubricated, tightened, adjusted and anti-corrosion before, during and after operation;
3.Hemp decorticator must be maintained according to the regulations, mechanical equipment is not overloaded, diseased operation and maintenance during operation.

Now you have know how does a hemp decorticator work.Our company has the latest hemp decorticator,so if you have demand for the machine,please contact me!
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