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Successful Business Plan For Plantain Chips Production

Release Date: Aug-15, 2018
Looking for a business, you can start with a very low capital, no expensive or plantain chips production line ? Looking for an enterprise, can you start from a large market? I will recommend business plant of plantain chip production line  to you.
 business plant of plantain chips production line
Plantain chips is a crispy snack made from ripe or immature plantain. It is a favorite snack in the world. If managed properly, this business has a tendency to get high returns.
Our market advantage in Plantain chips production line:
1. Material: The fried banana slice production line of our company is made of stainless steel. Some equipments are 304 stainless steel and others are 404 stainless steel. The stainless steel selected meets the national standard and conforms to the food grade stainless steel material.
2. Performance: The production line of Dayang brand fried banana slices is easy to operate, realizes fully automatic operation, saves labor and energy, occupies a small area and has high efficiency.
3. The plantian chips production line of fried banana slices is easy to maintain and perfect after-sales. It can provide door-to-door service and accessories all the year round, so that you can use it without worries.
4. Using the production line of fried plantian chips produced by our company can provide free recipe for making banana slices, provide technical support for the early entrepreneurs, let you fried plantain chips whether color or taste have an advantage, and have a broad market prospects.

The characteristics of our banana slice production line are:
Our frying machine is multi-functional, wet, no need to change the oil can fry a variety of food, no fumes, no taste, time-saving and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary frying machine, the food fried by this machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
Advanced and efficient heating system, oil pool insulation technology, not only save energy, but also improve work efficiency. Unit cost is reduced. The air separation part of the oil-water interface uses the ventilation pipe to dissipate heat, which greatly prolongs the service life of the frying oil. The upper part of the oil is heated and the lower layer is cooled to prevent the water temperature from overheating and boiling. Oil and water are discharged separately, making it easier to remove slag and replace oil.
Double layer mesh belt to avoid floating products and make food frying more uniform.
The mesh belt is lifted automatically to facilitate cleaning, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and clean and hygienic.
Note: Energy can be used for coal, natural gas and electricity, and can also be connected to heat-conducting oil furnace, boiler, special size and requirements can be made according to user needs.
Our frying machine adopts the top hood for exhausting gas, and the smoke produced by frying does not disperse. With digital temperature control technology, low temperature can be controlled between 1 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celsius. Control range from room temperature to 300 degrees Celsius, and set up high temperature automatic power cut function. The temperature is 10 degrees above the set temperature and the power is absolutely safe.

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