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Full Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine Cost

Release Date: Sep-14, 2018
In the past two days, someone sent me a message to know the cashew nut processing machine cost and other information. And recently, the full automatic cashew nut processing machine in our company has sold very well and has been sold to many countries and regions, which was welcomed by our customers. So today I want to show you more information about the cashew nut processing machine. The full production line mainly contains cashew classifier machine, cashew shelling machine, cashew shell kernel separator machine, cashew peeling machine. And the production line has the most favorable price. Now I am going to clearly introduce the four machines.
Full Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine Plant In India
1. Cashew  classifier machine is highly efficient, and different sizes of vibrating screens can be used for different screening purposes according to different requirements. One machine can meet the separation requirements of the nuts in the entire nut process production line. This machine is also suitable for the classification of almonds, walnuts, hazelnut kernels, peanuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, soybeans, broad beans and so on.

2. Cashew shelling machines factory price cashew shelling machine is based on the original automatic cashew nut shelling machine, based on the newly developed new generation of cashew nut shell opening equipment. The equipment completely solves the problems of low production efficiency, low output, poor safety, high labor intensity, and inability to form production rules. The equipment has the advantages of wide processing range, high output and good safety. Cashew peeling machine is practical, energy-saving compact, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and clean. The machine adopts automatic control and feeding device, which are easy to operate. The cashew peeling machine can peel different sizes of cashew nuts and the products meet the hygiene standards.

3. Cashew shell kernel separator machinate is mainly used to separate the shell and kernel of cashew nuts, and to adjust the size of the internal gap to achieves the best effect. The upper part of the machine is fed through the inner casing of the machine. And the machine also can be used alone, which has an cheap price so that can save equipment cost.

4. Cashew peeling machine uses a pneumatic principle to process skin of cashews without causing any damage to the nuts. The nut-using equipment does not need to be soaked in water before peeling off, the peeling rate are over 95% and the kernels and peels are automatically separated. The machine has the characteristics of short-term automatic feeding, stripping, unloading, automatic operation, practical, small size, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance and low failure rate.

That is my description of the favorable price cashew nut processing machine. And all of our machines are directly supplied by our factory, so it can greatly save your cost.if you have demand for the cashew nut processing machine, you can contact me for actual price.
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