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French Fries Production Line For Sale

Release Date: Nov-20, 2017
The french fries production line for sale, we are not only provide you the professional french fries production line but also the suitable solution according your detail demands such as the factory design,heating way,the capacity and so on.

Why choose our gelgoog french fries production line
A:Wide Application--- Suitable for processing root vegetables like potato, carrot, turnip, radish, beet, cassava, lotus root, yam, taro, sweet potato etc.
B:Automatically producing---The whole machines connects in one line, making producing automatically with high output, saving a lot of labor cost.
C:Customized design--- We can design the whole line as per your needs, if you need higher of lower capacity, or need to add more machines to the line, it is OK.
D:Application---Compact structure and high automatic degree, ensuring it can be applied to different field, like farm, food processing factory, food processing center.

automatic french fries production line for sale
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