Full Automatic French Fries Production Line For Sale

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The automatic French fries line is automatic from feeding material to finished potato chips.
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Full Automatic French Fries Production Line For Sale
The automatic french fries production line is automatic from feeding material to finished french fries. There are some machines in the full automatic french fries line to set uo french fries facory.
If you need star the small scale french fries production line business, you will need  many french fies automatic machines such as potato washing and peing, cuting,frying,flavoring and packing machine. French fries frozen machine will be need if want make frozen french fries business.
Beside the automatic french fries machines,we will provdie,there are also french fries factory design frely.
small scale french fries production line factory design free

Potato Pre-washing Machine: 
By Elevator, the potato will come into the Pre-washing Machine, by brush roller and water spraying to remove the mud on the surface of potato. The electrical is Schneider, and frequency control motor. The Frequency converter from Japanese Mitsubishi.
After pre-washing, the potato will come into the emery peeling machine to remove the peel.
Emery Potato Washing and Peeling Machine: 
After processed by Emery roll and water spraying , the peel will be removed.Total 12 pcs of emery roller.At the bottom , it is with one water tank to recycle use the water, thus, it can saving water.The potato will be discharged automatically by screw. Peeling Time is adjustable, frame all with 50*50*2mm, superior Stainless Steel 304 tube, bearing is made of Stainless Steel 316 Bearings. All motors are with superior copper wire and adjustable-speed, working speed is adjustable.
Potato Sorting Conveyor:
After potato peeled, the potato will come into the sorting conveyor. Then can sort the unqualified potato,potato is not peeled well.If the the potato is not peeled well,then process it. The conveyor is made of PVC Superior Food Standard Conveyor, healthy and safe,meet food requirement. All plate made of Stainless Steel 304, the motor are speed adjustable,conveyor working is adjustable.Dimension of 5000*1000*950mm, bearing seat are FL206 Stainless Steel bearing seat.Seat made of Stainless Steel 304,height is adjustable.
Potato Chips Cutting Machine:
After sorted well, qualified potatoes will be put into the cutting machine. It can cut continuous.
french fries automatic machine factory
Rinsing Machine:
By bubble agitator Wave Wash, the french fries will be in roll state, thus it can remove the starch on the surface of potato chips.It also with second water spraying function. All bubble produce device are with speed adjustable.
French Fries Blanching Machine:
After rinsed , french fries will coming into blanching machine, this french fries automatic blanching machine is adopts with electricity heating. Water temperature is controlled, all material are made of stainless steel 304, all bearings are Stainless steel 304, and stainless steel 304 bearing seat.
Air De-watering Machine:
After Vibrating dewatering machine, the french fries will coming into the air de-watering machine, thus the water will remove completely. The french fries automatic machine air dewater line is made of stainless steel 304, frequency control motor speed,mesh type to be six turn one flat, width of belt is 1200mm. total 16 pcs of fan, power of each fan is 750W. The air intake vent is with high-density filter system.The bearing are made of superior stainless steel, height of fan is adjustable,
Its working principle is to send the potato chips by conveyor, after turn over many time to realize the potato chips will be wind uniform and polyhedral winded.By high press of wind of the fan,the water on the surface will be removed.the fan nozzle is with blade shape,it will improve the pressure of wind, and the water will be easier to be removed. In order to follow up process,there is one water received tank at the bottom of this amchien.
French Fries Fryer Machine:
It can filt and discharge the residue automatically to make sure the qulity of the oil. All made of Stainless Steel 304, Power of 2.2kw frequency control speed motor, three parts to control temperature, mesh conveyor width of 1200m ,with elevator function automatically. It will be easier to clean. It is with double layer mesh conveyor, upper and down conveyor all frequency control, oil temperature is adjustable from normal temperature to 300 centigrade. The electrical is from Schneider or Omron.There is not oil adding port.
Working Principle: after the potato chips send into the fryer machine, the oil temperature is 185centigrade, the second section will be set to be 160 centigrade. The third section temperature to be 120 centigrade. The potato chips will be fried for 1-2 minutes in oil. Then will be discharged out.

The french fires automatic machine can also can produce potato chips, banana chips,onion rings,chin chin, fried snack ect by changing some machines. One machine can process many kind of snack food. It is great helper for business. All the french fries processing machine video is free for you. Leave message or contact me freely. Email:gz@gelgoog.com.cn
Our advantages of small scale french fries production line:
1:Our the black leather tube is made of PA and is flame retardant. Other factory it is made of PVC that is solf,and not so good.
2:This is a small integrated device on the air dryer machine. The deoiler and hoist can be controlled at the same time. One person can control three machines at the same time, saving manpower.
3:We provide our customers with high quality machines. Stainless steel plate is 3mm.
4:The burner of our gas-heated fryer is the Riello brand from Italian.
friench fries production line details
Technical Data
       Item                  Parameter
    1.Pre-washing Elevator

Power: 750W,
               2. Pre-Washing Machine
Power:5.1KW, Dimension:3000*900*1400mm
3.Elevator .
Power:750W, 380V/50HZ
Dimension: 2000*1000*1600mm
4.Emery Peeling Machine Total 12 pcs of emery roller.At the bottom.frame all with 50*50*2mm, superior Stainless Steel 304 tube, bearing is made of Stainless Steel 316 Bearings.
               5.Sorting Conveyor
Power;0.75KW,380V, 50HZ
6.Waste Transfer Cart All made of Stainless Steel 304. Dimension: 600*500*400
             7. Potato Chips Cutting Machine(Two Sets)
Dimension: 900*850*900mm
Power:1.1kw   Weight:120kg
Dimension:1500*1000*1500mm Power:750W/380V,50HZ
         9.Impurity Removing Machine
Dimension:2600*1000*1400mm  Power:1.5KW, Weight:380KG
               10.Rinsing Machine
Width of belt is 800mm.
               11. Blanching Machine
 Stainless steel 304, and stainless steel 304 bearing seat.Width of 800mm,mesh with size of 3mm. This machine will prevent the activities of enzyme
        12.  Vibrating De-watering Machine
            13.Air De-watering Machine
           14. Stainless Steel Elevator
The motor is speed adjustable,made of Stainless Steel 304, all bearings are Stainless Steel Bearing.
               15.Fryer Machine
Elecric Heating.
              16.Oil Filting Machine Then the oil coming from the filter discharge hole is qualified . then with pipes, the oil will be sent to fryer machine to finish static filting and finish the whole filting process.
              17.Oil Adding Tank Oil Adding Tank is with heating device. It will heat the oil to the certain temperature. Then by recycle pump to send the oil to the fryer to realize the adding oil .
         18. Vibrating Oil-Removing Machine
Stainless Steel 304, thickness of 3mm, frame made of 100*50*5mm, superior stainless steel 304, vibrating motor of 0.25kw, amplitude is adjustable.
           19.Air De-oil Line
Dimension: 8000x1600x1600mm
Power:15kw/ 380V/50Hz 3 phase
              20. Elevator
Power: 0.75KW/380V/50HZ
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