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Full Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Perfume Box

Release Date: Nov-21, 2017
Our the full automatic cellophane wrapping machine is multifunctional. The cellophane wrapping machine for perfume box is wildly applicated. Our the cellophane wrapping machine dont need to regulate the height of two work tops of the machine when the mould is replaced.Neither dont need to assemble or dismantle the material discharge chains and discharge hopper. Reduce the replacement time of the mould four hours to the present 30 minutes.  

The cellophane wrapping machine with automatic feeding, automatic counting, photoelectric tracking.New-type double safeguard mechanisms are used, hence other spare parts will not be damaged when the machine runs out of step without the stop of the machine.Original unilateral hand swing device to prevent from shaking the machine adversely, and the non-rotation of the handwheel during the running of the machine can secure the security of the operator.No film without article, Do not waste packaging materials.New-type double-rotary film cutting cutter can ensure no need to mill the blade during many-year use of the machine, which overcomes the defect that the traditional stationary single-rotary film cutting cutter was easily worn.

If you need the cellophane wrapping machine, you can contact me freely or leave message on our website. we will feedback as soon as possible.

full automatic cellophane wrapping machine for pefume box
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